Suite & Guestroom Identity Signs

Stained Jatoba wood face with cutout window revealing Flamma metal mesh.
Dimensional numbers and inserted Braille beads.

Thick frosted acrylic with tactile inset numbers, Braille beads
and satin aluminum mounting bracket.

Etched brass with border texture, raised number &braille.
Dark oxidized and hand rubbed.

Stained wood face with cutout and inset satin aluminum numbers, glass Braille beads
and aluminum back plate.

The frame is hand carved then cast in pewter and chrome plated.
The face plaque is enamelled resin with raised numbers.

Individual aluminum numbers and braille bar with enamel finishes.

Light hand rubbed oxidized bronze with dark wood backplate.

Frosted glass and brushed metal room plaque with raised numbers and braille.

Etched pattern on bronze backplate with honed stone number plate.

Translucent resin plaque with iridescent finish with tactile numbers and braille.

Cast glass with floral inclusions. Face has sand blasted field with raised numbers and Braille.

Tactile room number plaque with enamel finishes.

Translucent resin plaque with iridescent finish with tactile numbers and braille.

Enamel finish faceplate with light bronze border details, on wood backplate.

Enamel finishes on resin plaque with tactile number and braille.

Polymer resin plaque with raised number, braille and border details.

Satin brushed aluminum with bronze backplate.

Etched brass plaque with enamel finished background and line detail.

Tactile number plate with enamel finish, mounted into cast pewter frame.

Stained wood with individually cut aluminum numbers, Braille beads and aluminum backplate.

Glass sign with frosted border and aluminum face panel. Numbers are

cut and inset Braille beads are stainless steel.

Light oxidized brass frame with inset leather face. Raised oxidized numbers
with braille plate and decorative rivets.

Sand carved glass faceplate with satin aluminum details.

Translucent resin plaque with iridescent finish with tactile numbers and braille,
mounted into wood frame plate.

Sub-surface digital image on acrylic with raised number.

Clear cast resin with digital subsurface image and ADA compliant raised numbers.

Maple frame with honed limestone plaque, oxidized and inset numbers and border details.

Tactile polymer plaque with raised number, braille and border detail, finished in metallic gold enamel.

Tactile room number with enamel finish to mimic ceramic tile.

Tactile resin plaque with braille and aluminum frame.

Subsurface graphic image with raised numbers, Braille and decorative
satin aluminum mounting clip.

Clear resin plaque with sub-surface two tone pattern with raised number and braille.

Clear glass sign with frosted details and aluminum inset numbers.

Custom cast gold frame with polymer number inset.

Light oxidized bronze room number plaque with engraved lines.

Frosted clear resin with inset sanded aluminum numbers.

Satin brushed aluminum face with inset tactile numbers and stainless steel braille beads.
Pattern elements are engraved and infilled metallic silver.

Cherry wood backplate with back painted clear resin face tactile face. The hammered
and oxidized detail adds to the organic feel.