Our Team

At EEC our employees consider themselves part of a team. Communication and cooperation between all departments leads to excellence and a great sense of pride in one’s work. Pride in ones work is the keystone to our reputation for quality and craftsmanship. EEC carefully chooses our staff based on their unique skills and talents. Innovation and on-going training keeps our team on top of changing technologies allowing us to remain the leaders in the industry.


Allan Buch


Henning Buch

Executive Vice President

Palle Buch

Chief Financial Officer

Anne Buch

Managing Director

Sales & Support Services

Rick Way

Senior Vice-President Sales

Ralph Luongo

Vice President
Sales & Marketing

Roxanne Greer

Senior Project Manager

Chris Caplette

Senior Project Manager

Ling Yong

Accounting & Administration

Colleen Lowe

Customer Service

Fabrication & Design

Steve Buckley

Production Manager

Jerome Phelan

Creative Director

George Mosna

Senior Designer